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The Tradition of a Wedding Ring

The romantic traditions associated with rings resound throughout history. Since the time of the Pharaohs the ring has symbolized eternity, a constant reminder that love has no beginning or end.

In Roman times, rings were given as a public pledge of marriage. Early religions then adopted this custom and the ring became an integral symbol of their celebration of marriage. Today, a band worn on the ring finger still conveys this message across many cultures. It symbolises a sacred intention and a promise of lifelong commitment, made to one special person.


Wearing a wedding ring on the ring finger also has fascinating origins. One particularly romantic and mystical explanation held by Egyptians was that the ‘vena amoris’ (the vein of love) flowed directly from the ring finger of the left hand to the heart.

Our world has changed profoundly since the Pharaohs, religious or cultural beliefs, the tradition of exchanging rings, remains as meaningful and evocative today.

Benjamin Ryan Jewellery can make your wedding rings whether they are fitted, matching or custom designed. Your wedding rings can be designed to suit many tastes, from traditional to eclectic to contemporary. Classical, cultural and internationally inspired styling is at the heart of our creations.

Phone or email Benjamin Ryan Jewellery and book an appointment to view, customise and order your wedding rings.

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