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About Benjamin Ryan

I've always appreciated and been interested in design, art, and music and in general, the wonders and marvels of life.
At an early age I wanted to be a Geologist, and had a relative who was a geologist leave me at an early age a rock and mineral collection, this was my first influence in to the world of gems and jewellery and later on led to work experience in a Manufacturing Jewellery Workshop. From then on I have never looked back.
Helping out in the Jewellery shop on weekends whilst still at school, and then once I had completed my HSC I went on to complete my Apprenticeship gaining top marks at a credit level and then on to winning the people's choice award (see the picture on the left) in our exhibition of major works, I've been a Jeweller ever since.
I've always loved to create and try to use my imagination to handcraft top class jewellery,  with an attention to detail, but also specialising in making pieces that are different and try to approach the design process from outside the box so to speak. I enjoy challenges and experimenting with designs, metals and materials. The beauty of being able to Handcraft Jewellery allows me to cater to what people want, whether is from a picture, combining designs, an idea or even a theme, It makes the piece more personal, individual, and the difference can be seen in the quality and the overall finish.
Whether it's sculptural, unified, contemporary, antique or modern, I love the design process and enjoy creating!
Recently I was accepted into the The Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia and I'm now a proud member. Follow the link for more information here -
I look forward to the future and all the endeavours it will provide.